Rojone Mining


Rojone is a well-equipped, professional and progressive Australian owned & operated company. Established in 1981, today we occupy our own 2100-plus square metre office, store and production facility at Ingleburn, south of Sydney.

Rojone recognises that the mining industry requires highly reliable, ruggedised, intrinsically safe, communications links (voice, data and video). Rojone has built its reputation on delivering mission-critical communication-linking products that keep workers safe in some of the Australias most unforgiving climates. Our products are designed for use in harsh environments, and we tailor our products for the unique confines of each job. For the mining industry, this means we’ve created a hybrid assembly for streamlined cabling infrastructure, as well as bronze connectors to eliminate the risk of thermite reaction when deployed in underground mining operations. 

Why Use Rojone Cable Assemblies

  • Built to your exact requirements
  • Reduce on-site time
  • Reduced inventory holding
  • Professionally assembled
  • Fully tested

Product Families

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