Roy Hill TrainRojone is leading supplier to the transportation industry, our commitment to quality and ability to manufacture highly reliable cable assemblies has seen Rojone as the approved cable assembly supplier to Ansaldo for the Roy Hill autonomous train project.  Our antennas are fitted throughout the Sydney bus fleet. And Rojone has quickly become known in Australia as a true solution provider.
To best meet our customer’s needs, Rojone has international partnership agreements with the following manufactures, to provide product specifically designed for the rail and transportation sector.
Sydney Bus
We can assist in meeting the following transport applications.
  • Rapid Transit
  • Light Rail
  • Heavy Duty Rail
  • Locomotive
  • Bus
  • Automobile
  • Heavy Haulage
Times Microwave
  • LZSH Cable
  • T-RAD® Leaker Feeder cable
  • Nu-Trac® Cabling
  • Lightning Protection
  • LMR®-FR
  • LMR®-UF-FR

Times LMR-FR series cables are both ULand CSA listed (CMR/CATVR) per UL File It E-170516, and also meet fire resistance standard of IEC60332-1-2, IEC60332-3, IEC61034-2, IEC60754-1, NFX70-100-1/2.


Van Sysyems Connector
Van-System designs and produces circular electrical connectors for professional applications and harsh environments to support a wide range of fields including railways (in rolling-stock as well as signalling applications), machine tools, automation, construction sites, research, power supply, extractive industries, plant engineering. In addition to connectors with a screw or bayonet coupling complying with the DTL 5015 standard, Van-System designs and manufactures non-standard interconnection solutions for special applications.
  • I/O Ruggedized Interconnect solutions
  • Flexible cable assemblies
Optical ZunoTrain in Tunnel
  • GPS over fibre
  • RF over fibre
  • Wi-Fi & Cellular DAS
  • iSFC Transceiver with Built-In Micro OTDR
  • Public Safety Wireless Fibre Transport System
  • Broadcast & DVB



Qualification Standard for TMS products for Railway Applications

Flame Item Description IEC
Flammability Vertical flaming test of the fire behaviour
on a single core or a single cable
IEC 60332-1-2 BS856853
DIN 5510-2 EN 45545-2 -
Vertical flaming test of the fire behaviour
on bunched cables
IEC 60332-3 BS6853
DIN 5510-2 EN 45545-2 -
Measurement of smoke density of cables
burning under defined conditions
IEC 61034-2 BS6853 - EN 45545-2 -
acid gas
Test on gases evolved during combustion
of materials from cables, determination
of the amount of halogen acid gas
IEC 60754-1 BS 6425-1 - EN 50267-2-1 -
Gas analysis Method for analysing gases produced
by thermal degradation
- BS 6853 - EN 4554-2 NFX70-100-1
Tubular furnace thermal degradation method - BS 6853 - EN 4554-2 NFX70-100-2



  • IEC 60332: Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions
  • IEC 61034: Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions
  • IEC 60754: Test on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables
  • BS 6853: Code of practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger carrying trains
  • DIN 5510-2: Preventive fire protection in railway vehicles; Part 2: Fire behaviour and fire side effects of materials a parts, classification, requirement and test methods
  • EN 45545: Railway applications- Fire protection of railway vehicles-Part 2: Requirement for fire behaviour
  • materials and components
  • NFIA-130: Standard for fixed wideway transit and passenger rail
  • UL: Underwriters Laboratories Type "CMR" approved for Riser applications