Cat 7 Ethernet Cable Assemblies

L-com's TRG795 Category 7 line of cables feature construction with an overall Braid shield around individually shielded twisted pairs (S/FTP) and feature a ruggedized die-cast metal RJ45 connector on each end. The Halogen-free TPU cable used in these assemblies is 10gig Category 7 rated, is Oil and UV resistant and is quite suitable for industrial or outdoor environments in addition to having excellent flex characteristics. Furthermore, the metal RJ45 can be easily modified with optional supplied parts into a horizontal or vertical GigE RJ45 for Machine Vision applications. This Unified GigE bracket is easy to install and contains spacers for 2mm and 4mm making the plug compatible with either of the common Machine Vision standards. See the part's drawing for additional details. Whether you are using this in a standard Ethernet or GigE application, these cables are perfect for rugged factory, industrial or outdoor applications.