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We are committed and experienced to support Canadian, US and global defence programs. The defence procurement process can be difficult to navigate, but Promark electronics is here to guide both the Department of National Defence as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEM’s as a true partner in the process.

From the identification, options analysis, definition, implementation and close out phases of defence procurement, Promark electronics is here from the start to support all electrical requirements.

Defence programs can range from involvement with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Coast guard, Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), United States Air Force (USAF), Canadian Army (CA), US Army, and Special Operations Forces (SOF)

A Partner for the Future!


As a true partner, Promark electronics is here as the resource for cable assemblies, wire harnesses and box build requirements. With engineering expertise, we guide our customers to identify the optimal cable, connectors and electronic components for the specified defence program.  Understanding the objectives of governments through the Defence Policy Review (DPR), Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP), and the Defence Acquisition Guide (DAG) are essential to our process.  Defence procurement strategies for each country can be different, but Promark Electronics has the ability to understand the requirements and adapt quickly with our years of experience supporting defence programs.

Value Proposition


Improve economic outcomes from Defence procurement. Promark electronics can assist and lead in the development of value propositions in order to enhance the productivity, broader ITB activities, and increased participation in global supply chains.

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Supporting the Canadian Armed Forces and US Forces in the key areas of defence procurement: Arctic and maritime security, protecting our soldiers, training systems, cyber-security and command and support systems.

Fundamental Capability


Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB)
Promark electronics can contribute to direct and indirect ITB obligations by use of our Canadian labor as well as global material sources. North American labor allows Promark to participate in both Canadian and US defence procurement programs. 

Why choose Rojone


With over twenty-five years of experience, we fully understand the critical role and impact of outsourcing on your business.

Our production processes are easily customized to meet our customer’s needs and specifications, while our experienced team provides innovative solutions for achieving your objectives. As your needs and technology change, we advance our expertise and product/service offering. The electronics industry is in constant evolution, and Promark Electronics is your partner in success.