GPS Fiber Transport System

GPS Over FibreOptical Zonu’s GPS Fiber Transport provides a transparent and secure RF connection between your GPS antenna and receiver for distances from 100 ft to over 5 miles. The link consists of a fibre optic transmitter (Antenna Unit) and fibre optic receiver (Base Unit). The Antenna Unit is connected to and powers the active GPS antenna. The Base Unit RF outputs connect to your GPS receivers or base station equipment. The Base Unit is available with 1 to 16 RF outputs for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections. In addition, the fibre optic cable can be split up to 16 ways. The combination of optical and RF splitting permits easy routing of the GPS over thin optical fibre while providing the lowest cost per connection. This makes the solution ideal for C-RAN hubs and base station hotels. The Base Units are simply distributed in the racks with the BBUs or eNodeBs so the final connections require only lightweight, short RF jumpers. The transport is NEBS Level 3 certified permitting installation in Central Office environments.

GPS over FibreThe OZC GPS Antenna Unit weatherproof enclosure permits installation outdoors near the GPS antennas. It's compact housing also permits indoor installation on a bulkhead without using up rack space.

The GPS Fiber Transport supports single or redundant GPS paths providing a high-reliability reference crucial to base station operation. At the same time, the system installs easily with no adjustments or software setup needed.





  • Supports all GPS frequencies internationally

  • Weatherproof Fiber Transmitter for outdoor mounting

  • Compact Transmitter also mounts indoors without using rack space

  • Each system supports one or two GPS antenna paths

  • Supports high level of optical split and RF split for flexible routing of GPS for C-RAN and base station hotels

  • Operates on backed up base station power or dual AC power supplies

  • Simple to install – no adjustments, no software set up

  • Patented optical alarm reporting and simple discreet alarm connections

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