Times Microwave Introduce TF4 Dielectric Based Phase Stable Cable Assemblies

Author: Rojone Pty Ltd   Date Posted:5 April 2022 


Our partner Times Microwave are thrilled to introduce the PhaseTrack® PFlex phase stable cable assemblies. These cable assemblies use a flexible interconnect-style cable that can often be used as a semi-rigid replacement.

The PhaseTrack® PFlex cable assemblies have diameters of less than 0.16 inches with a minimum bending radius of 0.625 inches. These cables use the proprietary TF4™ dielectric that does not have the abrupt shift in phase that occurs with solid, or tape wrapped PTFE based products under normal room ambient conditions. They have cut-off frequencies of 38.4/52.3 GHz and use the same shield construction as Times popular TFlex® cables to provide a shielding of 90 dB/feet.

Key Features of PhaseTrack® PFlex phase-stable cable assemblies:

  • Excellent Stability (vs LD PTFE)
  • PTFE “Knee” is Nonexistent
  • TF4™ Dielectric Technology

These 50-ohm cable assemblies have a blue FEP jacket with oxygen-free silver-plated copper center conductor and silver-plated copper strip outer conductor. They are designed for applications demanding minimal phase change over temperature in ground, sea, airborne or space.

Click here to download the datasheet

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