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Logic Converter Unit

SKU: 21-151-04

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Logic Converter Unit

Military aircraft need to be able to depend on and maintain communications for broadband, frequency hopping V/UHF secure communications. In concert with Cooper Antennas range of tuneable antennas, the 21-151-04 digital Logic Converter Unit (LCU) receives frequency information from all versions of the ARC210, M3AR and TRA6034C21 radios and tunes the antenna to the desired frequency which in turn optimizes the gain of the antenna.

The digital LCU validates the control signals from any version of the ARC210, M3AR and TRA6034C21 radios, extracts the frequency information, translates it to a tuning command and provides the required drive signals to tune the antenna via the parallel bus at the output connector.

The LCU contains extensive built in diagnostic capability (BIT) which monitors the input data, PSU status, internal health monitor, in addition to monitoring each of the output drive lines. The BIT status of the unit is fed back to the transceiver.

The LCU is constructed from aluminium alloy with internal filter and protection PCBs to maximise EMC performance. 

  • Suitable for any airborne application
  • Operates with all versions of the ARC210 including Gen 5, M3AR and TRA6034C21
  • Designed to MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-704
  • Incorporates the latest FPGA technology
  • Incorporates continuous and interruptive BIT functionality
Model # 21-151-04
Brand Cooper Antennas
Radio Rockwell Collins  ARC210 including Gen 5 
Thales TRA6034C21

21-140-136 14.7 inches (374mm)

21-190-12 9.2 inches (234mm)

DC Power Input 

Normal Working Voltage: 22 to 29 Volts dc

Emergency Working Voltage: 18 to 29 Volts dc

Protection: Reverse polarity and transient protection are incorporated in the design. Power interrupts in accordance with MIL-STD-704F; the state of the antenna outputs will remain as set but may be reduced in level during the power interruption.

Serial Control The frequency information is transmitted via a 1 MHz Manchester encoded differential serial bit stream 
Antenna Tuning Interface

The antenna tuning interface consists of nine lines of antenna drive signals output on connector J3 and a single return line. Tuning of the antenna is achieved by applying forward or reverse bias to the pin-diode switches in the antenna

High Level +300 V Reverse Bias

Low Level -220 mA Forward Bias constant current source

LCU DC Connectors

J1 : D38999/42 Series IV 13-35 22 pin

J2 : D38999/42 Series IV 11-5 5 pin

J3 : D38999/42 Series IV 11-35 13 Socket

Electromagnetic Interference 


Emissions: CE101, CE102, CE106, RE101, RE102

Susceptibility: CS101, CS114, CS116, RS101, RS103 

Operational Temperature -54°C to +71°C 
Length x Width x Height 159.7 x 77.8 x 68.6 mm
Weight (max) 0.75 kg 


  • Urethane Lusterless Black

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