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Wide Band VHF/UHF Blade Antenna

30 to 520 & 760 to 960 MHz

SKU: 21-50-165

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Wide Band VHF/UHF Blade Antenna

The 21-50-165 is a high performance wide band VHF/UHF airborne blade antenna suitable for aircraft operating in excess of Mach 2.

Construction is from a one piece fiberglass blade molding intimately bonded into an aluminum alloy base block which houses the matching circuits and provides for very solid attachment to airframe via 8 fixing holes.

Internal radiating elements are shaped in such a way as to optimize elevation patterns throughout the wide frequency band and proprietary matching techniques maintain a VSWR below 2.7:1.

The antenna assembly is completely sealed and filled with closed cell foam for reliable operation in world-wide conditions of service. 

  • Suitable for aircraft operating at Mach 2+
  • High Strength Composite Blade with Integrated Aluminum Mounting plate
  • Low Side Area, Low Drag
  • Covers all VHF/UHF and P25 Frequency Bands
  • Single RF Connector can be externally diplexed
  • Environmental Performance to MIL-STD-810
Model # 21-50-165
Brand Cooper Antennas

30 to 520

760 to 960 MHz 


-40 dBi 30 MHz

-18 dBi 88 MHz

-10 dBi average 118-174 MHz

0 dBi average 225-520 & 760-960 MHz 


≤ 2.5:1 30 - 88 MHz & 108 - 118 MHz

≤ 2.0:1 118 - 174 MHz & 225 - 400 MHz

Impedance (nominal) 50 Ohms

50 Watts CW


Vertical (when mounted vertically) 


Omni directional in azimuth plane 

Antenna RF Connector

N - Type Female 

Antenna Shell Type Epoxy/fiber glass blade in aluminum alloy base collar 
Height 9.5 inches (241mm)
Weight 1.8 lbs (0.8kg) 
Side Loading  ≥ 8 psi ultimate 
Base Plate Shape Oval shape 
Fixing Holes 8 x Ø 0.208 inch (5.28mm) holes, counter sunk 100°. 


  • Antenna - Grey Urethane
  • Other finish options are available.
  • Please specify finish required when ordering.



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