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Special-to-Type VHF/UHF LOS & UHF Satcom Antenna

30-88 MHz 108-174 MHz and 225-512 MHz Satcom 240-400 MHz

SKU: 21-66-16

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Special-to-Type VHF/UHF LOS & UHF Satcom Antenna

The 21-66-16 is a Special-to-Type multifunction antenna designed to fit conformally into a supersonic military aircraft. The concept is to provide a dielectric “window” (P/N 21-60-16) in the upper surface of the aircraft, through which a combined Line-of-Sight “LOS” and UHF Satcom antenna radiate, using the aircraft structure as a ground plane and reflective surface.

This antenna provides LOS frequency coverage from 30 to 512MHz in a vertical element with specially shaped, top-mounted crossed dipoles providing UHF Satcom coverage. These dipoles are decoupled at UHF but provide RF toploading at VHF to give enhanced gain in the SINCGARS 30-88MHz band.

The vertical LOS element can also be used to provide a linear polarized low-angle Satcom for Satellite capture down to horizon.

Mechanical design is such as to provide minimal airframe modifications, thus making the 21-66-16 suitable for retrofit applications. 

Model # 21-66-16
Brand Cooper Antennas





30 - 88 MHz

108 - 174 MHz

225 - 512 MHz

 240 - 400MHz 

Gain (typical) 








30 MHz

88 MHz

108 - 174MHz

225 - 512MHz




-22 dBi 

-8 dBi

-5 dBi (average) 

 0 dBi (average) 





≤ 2.5:1 (30 - 512MHz)

≤ 2.0:1 (240 - 400MHz) 

Impedance (nominal) 50 Ohms

50 Watts (LOS)

200 Watts (Satcom) 


LOS: Vertical

Satcom: RH Circular 

RF Power 20 Watts CW
Switching Time 6 ms (from control signal) 

LOS: TNC Female

Satcom: N Female 

Overall Height of Antenna 11.2 inches (284.5mm)

4.4 lbs (2kg) max 


  • Antenna -  Primer protection coat  

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