Dual Output VOR/ILS Antenna System for Mach 2+ Aircraft

108 - 118 MHz and 328 - 336MHz

SKU: 21-20-85-1

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Dual Output VOR/ILS Antenna System

The 21-20-85-1 VOR/ILS LOCALISER AND GLIDESLOPE antenna system comprising of a pair of high-strength blades (P/N 21-20-85A and 21-20-85B) for horizontal mounting, one on each side of a vertical stabiliser, together with an external cable harness (P/N 21-80-56).

When installed, the blades act as a loop for VOR/LOC and as a forward looking dipole for GLIDESLOPE. The combined output from the 21-80-56 is connected to a diplexer/splitter (P/N 21-80-39) which divides the signal into separate VOR/LOC and GLIDESLOPE signals, both of which derive equally from each half of the antenna system, and then splits each signal in phase and amplitude. The system is thus capable of feeding twin VOR/LOC and Glideslope receivers.

Mechanical design of each blade comprises an internal printed circuit half loop, foamed-in-place into a high strength epoxy-glass radome fitted to an aluminum alloy base block having an integral mounting flange. Structural design ensures high side loading acceptance as required on high speed military aircraft. 

Model # 21-20-85-1
Brand Cooper Antennas

Localiser : 108-118 MHz

Glideslope : 328-336 MHz 

Gain (typical) 

Localiser : -5 dBi

Glideslope : -5 dBi

(Antennas only, excluding cable harness and diplexer/splitter losses) 


Localiser : ≤ 5.0:1

Glideslope : ≤ 3.0:1 

Impedance (nominal) 50 Ohms
Polarization Horizontal

VOR/Localiser : Omnidirectional

Glideslope : Forward looking lobe 

Antenna RF Connector  TNC Female
System comprises of 

Qty 1 - 21-20-85A (Antenna)

Qty 1 - 21-20-85B (Antenna)

Qty 1 - 21-80-56 (Cable harness)

Qty 1 - 21-80-39 (Diplexer/Splitter) 

Construction High strength fiberglass mould
Height 6 inches (152mm) for single antenna 

1.8 lb (0.8kg) for single antenna

6 lb (2.71kg) for system 

Fixing Holes 4 x Ø 0.209 inches (5.3mm) holes, counter sunk 100° Ø 0.413 inches (10.5mm)


  • Blue Grey
  • Other finish options are available.
  • Please specify finish required when ordering.

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