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UHF, EPLRS & L-Band Spring Mounted Dipole Antenna with Detachable Element

225 to 450 MHz & 1250 to 2000 MHz

SKU: 20-50-07-2

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UHF, EPLRS & L-Band Spring Mounted Dipole Antenna with Detachable Element

The 20-50-07-2 is a vertically polarized, omni-directional dipole UHF/L-Band antenna. It is compatible with radios operating in the 225 to 450 MHz and 1250 to 2000 MHz frequency ranges. The antenna can handle 100 Watts of power, has separate UHF and LBand coaxial connectors and requires no external tuning.

The antenna has a single radiating element fed via an internal diplexer providing high isolation. The antenna element is a cylindrical dipole encased in high strength fiberglass tubing which provides insulation in the event of accidental contact with 10kV RMS (minimum) high voltage power lines.

The dipole radiating element is ground plane independent and provides maximum gain at the horizon. The dipole is located above the spring.

Rugged design ensures reliability in arctic, jungle or equatorial desert environments. The antenna is spring mounted for vehicular use and has a mounting base compatible with standard CECOM mounting brackets, having four 7/16 inch dia. holes on a 4.5 inch circle. It has the benefit of allowing the main element to be detached for ease of stowage and transportation. 

  • Low silhouette
  • Spring mounted - can be tied down for stowage
  • Robust, weather-proof element detachment joint just above spring
  • Fits standard CECOM 4 hole mount
  • Designed to sustain 25 mph “Oak Beam” Test
  • 100 Watts CW Power
  • Omni-directional Pattern in azimuth
  • Complies with MIL-STD-810 Environmental and MIL-S-901 shock
  • Ground Plane independent
Model # 20-50-07-2
Brand Cooper Antennas

225 -450 MHz

1250 - 2000 MHz

Gain at horizon

+1.5 dBi Average (L-Band)

+1 dBi Average (UHF) 


UHF ≤ 3:1

L-Band ≤ 2.5:1 

Impedance (nominal)  50 Ohms

100 Watts CW (UHF)

1Kw peak (L-Band) 

Polarization Vertical
Isolation ≥ 50dB between elements
Antenna RF Connector

N Female (UHF)

TNC Female (L-Band) 

Overall Height from Mount 42.5 inches (1080mm) max. 
Element Diameter 3 inches (76mm) 
Weight (approx.) 9.75 lbs (4.42kg) max. 


  • Antenna -  383 Green MIL-DTL-14072E(CR), MIL-DTL-53039, 
  • Other finish options are available.
  • Please specify finish required when ordering.

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