Antenna, UHF, Raised Feet, 1/4 Wave, H/Duty S/S Spring, Black, 468Mhz ~ 482Mhz


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With A Stainless Steel Spring & Heavy Duty Fiberglass Antenna Top

The RF470FWSS is a dipole antenna commonly known as a "Raised Feed". This antenna is the most popular of all UHF CB antennas due to its high gain and short length. The RF470FWSS is strong, almost indestructible as it has no soldered internals that can break but rather is modular made up of parts that fit together and all are replaceable. One of the key features of the RF470FWSS is the ability of using a large range of different antenna tops allowing for different colours, lengths and gains.

The RF470FWSS has a solid Stainless Steel 1/4 wave tube that is its own tuned ground plane so it is not needed to be earthed in any way and also allows the antenna to be placed in almost any location. It is usually supplied with 4.3 metres of excellent quality RG58cu coax, which is enough to mount in most locations on a vehicle, and is provided with a PL259 solder type connector.

The RF470FWSS has a light duty spring to absorb the vibration from moving vehicles and is ideal for bull bar mounting on petrol vehicles.

The antenna top of the RF470FWSS is a M474HD which is a 7mm thick solid fiberglass collinear which is far thicker and stronger than many similar antennas and is also available in White, RED, GREEN, BLUE or YELLOW, mention colour when ordering

The RF470FWSS can be used with Mobile Ones FDW470S474, S474BM474M474HDM475HDantenna tops and can be purchased with any of the above mentioned antenna tops - please ask.

Note - Mobile One Raised Feeds are made to work exactly to specification so any other brand of antenna top should work well with the Mobile One Raised Feed base (as long as they have been made properly) but it is not recommended that you use antenna tops other than mentioned Mobile One as we want you to buy ours :-).

Pros - Short light antenna - 6.5dB Gain, modular, suitable for all mounting positions on any vehicle.
Cons - None that I could think of

Recommended Accessories - BMB, Z Bracket OK

Brand Rojone

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