Antenna, NextG/3G, 760mm Long, 7dB Gain, Black

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The RF823 is a dipole antenna commonly known as a "Raised Feed". This antenna is the most popular of all phone antennas due to its high gain and short length, The RF823 is strong, almost indestructible as it has no soldered internals that can break but rather is modular made up of parts that fit together and all are replaceable. The RF823 has a stainless steel 1/4 wave tube that is its own tuned ground plane so it is not needed to be earthed in any way and it also allows the antenna to be placed in almost any location.

The RF823 has 3.6 metres of best quality high frequency double shielded Cellfoil coax, enough to mount in any location on any vehicle, and is terminated with a FME female connector that in turn connects to all available patch leads for your individual phone or modem. 

The antenna top of the RF823 is a M823 which is a 5mm thick solid fibreglass collinear which is far thicker and stronger than many similar antennas and is available in black or white.

Note - It is not recommended that you use antenna tops other than mentioned Rojone brands.  The performance of the RF823 compared to the RF822 in most cases is not noticeable but technically it has a better range.

  • Exceptionally Broadband for NextG 3G and Edge GSM
  • Excellent for mirror mounts on trucks.

Recommended Accessories - BMB, Z Bracket OK
Suitable For 3G and Edge 2G only

Type  Raised Feed Dipole
Pattern   Omnidirectional
Total  Length 760mm or 18"
Total Weight 220grams
Base Length 153mm or 6"
Base Weight 180grams
Impedance 50Ω
Tuning  Factory preset
Frequency  NextG/3G + Edge/3G
Gain Send 7.0dBi
Gain Receive 5dBi
VSWR  < 1.5:1 over 70MHz
Max Power 200Watts
Mounting  1/2" BSW Stud
Cable  3.6Mtrs RG58 Cellfoil
Connector  FME Female

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