Category 6a 10gig Ethernet Antibacterial Antimicrobial Cable Assembly, RJ45 Male/Plug, 26AWG Stranded, S/FTP, CM LSZH Jacket, White, 10F


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L-com's cable experts now offer antibacterial and antimicrobial Ethernet cables to meet your medical application needs. The TRM695ASFZ-WHT line is rated for Category 6a, 10gigabit use and the cable's are built with special bacteriostatic materials in the jackets, plugs and boots that inhibit bacterial growth by up to 99.9%. This includes harmful bacterial such as E.coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. Confirmed by independent lab results, they are verified to ISO 22196:2011 requirements for European Biocidal Products. These assemblies are ideal for hospitals, doctor's offices, restaurants, classrooms, kitchens, public spaces and really any place where a person may come into contact with an exposed network cable and protection from germs is desired.

Available off the shelf for same-day shipping, L-com's antibacterial TRM695ASFZ family of cables are perfect for high-speed networks without straining your budget. Double shielded S/FTP construction and a CM LSZH rated jacket with 26AWG stranded conductors make these cables flexible and easy to work with as well as providing maximum protection against data corrupting EMI and RFI. A snag-less strain relief boot prevents excessive bending while reducing stress on the cable and the shark fin style latch makes it easy to un-mate a cable by hand. The TRM695ASFZ-WHT-05F is 0.5 foot in length and white in colour to match the decor in most medical environments as well as to stand out for easy identification in a crowded switch or panel.

All TRM695 style L-com antimicrobial cables are RJ45 male/plug to male/plug and wired to TIA 568B standards. A robust temperature range of -20° to +75°C and voltage rating of 30V makes these cables suitable for most high-speed Ethernet applications. Off the shelf lengths range from 0.5F to 100F with unshielded, double shielded, PVC and LSZH options available. All are in stock and ready to ship now so buy online from L-com today.


  • Medical facilities, hospitals, doctor's offices, pharmaceuticals, device manufacturing and laboratories
  • Food, beverage, restaurants, kitchen and hospitality industry
  • Education, schools, libraries, public spaces and government infrastructure
  • Home office and work from home (WFM)
  • 10GBASE-T - 10/100/1000/10000 Ethernet - Up to Category 6a or Category 7 10gig applications

Category 6a, 10gig rated antibacterial, antimicrobial cable assembly with double-shielded S/FTP (overall braid around shielded twisted pairs) construction to protect from EMI & RFI interference
Bacteriostatic cable jacket, boot and plug prevents harmful bacterial growth such as Staphylococcus Aureus and E.coli with a proven reduction in the bacterial count by more than 99.9%
Antibacterial test standard compliant to ISO 22196:2011 European Biocidal Products confirmed by independent lab test results
Low Smoke Zero Halogen CM LSZH jacket with 26AWG stranded conductors for flexibility
Robust temperature range of -20° to +75°C with a voltage rating of 30V

Brand L-Com

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