TFlex 401 ® Low PIM Phase Stable Cable

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TFlex employs a thin helical wrap of silver plated copper tape and overall braid sized such that standard solder-on connectors can be used.

TFlex was developed 10 years ago and have been widely adopted by the commercial and military OEM’s.

Some of the key characteristics of TFlex are:

  • Passive Intermod – typically > -150dBc (2x 20 watt carriers)
  • Shielding Effectiveness – comparable to standard semirigid and like semirigid is beyond measurable limits.
  • Small/Lightweight – same size but lighter weight than standard CL semirigid coax.
  • Phase Stable – the helical tape outer conductor minimizes electrical length change with temperature to yield substantial improvement over equivalent size flexible cables.
  • Low Loss – can achieve loss comparable to standard CL semirigid coax.
  • Attenuation Stability – silver plated outer conductor prevents oxidation of the conductors thereby minimizing attenuation change vs time.
  • Power Handling – comparable to standard CL semirigid.
  • Corrosion Resistance – jacketing of the cable with FEP provides excellent protection when cable is deployed in a corrosive environment.
  • Formability – the flexible nature of TFlex eliminates the need for hand or precision machine bending. TFlex is preterminated in it’s approximate desired length and just ‘plugged in’ using the most convenient/desirable routing.
  • Connectors (solder-on) – are available from a variety of sources to fit standard semirigid coax and TFlex.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets all MIL-C-17 Requirements
  • Excellent Shielding Effectiveness
  • Low Passive Intermod (PIM)
  • Stable Loss, Phase, & VSWR vs Flexing
  • Uses Standard Solder-on Semirigid Connectors
Model # TFlex-401
Brand Times Microwave Systems
Unit Of Measure M
Performance Property Units US (Metric)
Velocity of Propagation % 69.5  
Impedance ohms 50  
Capacitance pF/ft (pF/m) 29.3 (96.1)
Center Conductor ohms/1000ft (/km) 8.0 (26.2)
Shield ohms/1000ft (/km) 7.63 (25.0)
Operating Voltage kvrms 1.5  

Mechanical Specifications

Performance Property Units US (metric)
Bend Radius in. (mm) 1.25 (31.8)
Weight lb/ft (kg/m) 0.095 (0.142)

Enviromental Specifications

Performance Property oF oC
Temperature Range -85+267 -65+125
Description Material  In. (mm)
Inner Conductor SC 0.0641 (1.63)
Dielectric PTFE 0.141 (5.28)
Shields SC tape & Braid 0.249 (6.32)
Jacket Blue FEP 0.270 (6.9)

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