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Times Microwave Low Temp (RG179D) Coax Cable


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The LMR-240-UF 50 Ohm flexible coax cable from Times Microwave has a Foam Polyethylene (PE) dielectric. The LMR-240-UF coax is constructed with a 6.1mm jacket made of Thermoplastic Elastomer coax has a shield count of two, a RF shielding of > 90 dB and the maximum frequency for this Time Microwave coaxial cable is 5.8 GHz. LMR-240-UF coax cable has an attenuation at 1 GHz of 12.6 db/100ft .

Rojone has been the Times Microwaves Australian distributor for over 35 years and can custom manufacture LMR cable assemblies to your exact needs. We have a dedicated QA department that can test cable assemblies up to 50 GHz as well as perform PIM testing at 750-800 MHz, 900MHz 2100-2200 MHz frequency.

Ideal for…
  • Jumper Assemblies in Wireless Communications Systems
  • Short Antenna Feeder runs s (e.g. WLL, GPS, LMR, Mobile Antennas)
  • Any application that requires additional flexibility
Model # 54041
Brand Times Microwave Systems
Unit Of Measure M
Velocity of Propagation (%)66
Dielectric Constant1.42
Time Delay (nS/m)3.97
Impedance (ohms)50
Capacitance (pF/m)79.4
Inductance (uH/m)0.2
Shielding Effectiveness (db)> 90
DC Rest. - Inner Conductor14.1
DC Rest. - Outer Conductor (ohms/km)12.8
Voltage Withstand (Volts DC)1500
Jacket Spark (Voltage RMS)5000
Peak Power (kW)5.6
Bend Radius - Repeated (mm)63.5
Bending Movement (N-m)0.17
Weight (kg/m)0.05
Tensile Crush (kg)36.3
Flat Plate Crush (kg/mm)0.23


Installation Temperature Range (C.)-40/+85
Storage Temperature Range(C.)-70/+85
Operating Temperature Range (C.)-40/+85
Inner ConductorStranded Bare Copper (BC)
DielectricFoam Polyethylene (PE)
Outer ConductorAluminum Tape
Overall BraidTinned Copper
JacketThermoplastic Elastomer

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